Sunday, November 11, 2012


My little Zeelo dressed as Captain Zeelo for Hallween 2012!  We won a few firsts and made it into the top 16 in the Wichita Eagle.  Is always fun to come up with something and then onto the next year.  I give many thanks to my grandmother who turned 89 this year as I wouldn't be able to manage the sewing of the costume on my own.  Glue guns work for a lot of projects but don't always hold together.  Oh and to my wonderful dad for mounting the wheels onto the boat for me so that I could pull Zee at the contests.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! ZP


Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said...

Oh my goodness Tobi! That is the cutest and funniest thing ever!!! Way to go!

sanind88 said...

Cool picture.Nice work done by photographer.

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